How to avoid spam Calls and SMS from real estate agents

Most of the time spent on your phone goes to answering telemarketing calls from insurance, real estate, banks and mobile carriers or reading unwanted SMS from them. Pesky Calls and spam SMS are in fashion and no one really cares about your privacy. Situation is even worse when it comes to real estate. The day you step out and decide to inquire about properties, your inbox shall be filled with property related messages.

Basically, when you share your personal details with property dealers, builders and some of the property portals, your details are circulated/sold to third parties by most of these people. While there is no foolproof way to get rid of such spams, following tips can really help you save your day. This article covers tips for already trapped real estate buyers and those looking to purchase property for the first time.

Steps to reduce spam calls and messages

If you have already purchased a property, chances are you are already trapped and receiving significant spams. Follow these simple techniques to reduce the number of Calls/SMS you receive everyday.

1) Register for Do Not Disturb (DND) Service

Make good use of DND service by TRAI. This method would ensure that you do not get the spam calls from registered telemarketers and broker firms. Follow any of these methods to fully stop unwanted calls from telemarketers.

  • Using SMS : For fully blocked category, send a toll-free sms START 0 TO 1909.
  • Using IVRS : Dial toll-free number 1909, and follow the instructions of IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System).
  • Service Provider’s Official Website : Log on to your service provider’s official website to choose your preferences for Do Not Disturb (DND) services. Here are the quick links:  Vodafone DNDAirtel Reliance Communications  , TATA Docomo

2) Use Truecaller – Caller ID & Block App for Smartphone

True caller is effective way of determining the spammers. They determine this by matching the number with their database of most blocked numbers. It also adds the number in the Identified as Spam contact list, where even more spam contacts, unwanted callers are added based on your GPS location. You can also auto-block the call by enabling Block spam calls in Truecaller settings.

Tip: When you receive an unwanted call from brokers, do mark that person as SPAM on Truecaller. This way, if the person receives significant number of spams vote, Truecaller shall mark them as spammer and you shall help others.

Few tips for new home buyers

Good that you have just decided to look for a property. Chances are that you shall be approaching property dealers, property portals and site offices of builder. Follow these tips to avoid getting spammed by telemarketers in near future.

1) Avoid sharing your mobile number

When out in market for research related to property, avoid disclosing your number unless absolutely necessary. Ask the broker to share details on Email instead. Enter incorrect phone number in entry register kept at the property site or builder’s office. Brokers have easy access to these registers and will make your life miserable.

It has been observed that developer’s employees do leak your information for money. It is advised to not share your primary contact number with builder’s staff when you are just window shopping.

2) Use landline numbers for inquiries

Use landline phone when calling various brokers or builders for property inquiry.  Although this might not be the most convenient way but you can atleast avoid getting SMS and Whatsapp messages.

3) Procure temporary Phone Number and Email Id

Try to procure a new pre-paid phone number for the purpose of property hunting only. This way, you shall save your primary number from getting spammed. Similarly, to avoid your email being flooded with spam emails, create a temporary Email id and use that for this purpose.

4) Avoid sharing your phone numbers on property website. Companies specialized in data compilation, hunt for openly shared phone numbers on property websites. Those only those portals which hides your personal information.

Complaint to TRAI for spam calls

We know we can not completely get rid of these spammers. However, we must ensure we report all such spam calls and sms to government body. If you are still getting spam calls and unwanted sms from advertisers after registering in DND service, then you should raise a complaint against the caller. The TRAI is known for swift action. If we all decide to report these spammers, we shall be able to bring down their numbers atleast. Reports all spammers by following these easy steps:

Complaint through SMS: Customer has to send SMS “the unsolicited commercial communication, XXXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy” to 1909. Where XXXXXXXXXX – is the telephone number or header of the SMS, from which the UCC has originated.The telephone number or header and the date of receipt of the unsolicited commercial SMS may be appended with such SMS, while forwarding to 1909, with or without space after comma.

Service Provider will take action on complaint and inform the complainant within 7 days of lodging of complaint. Customers may check registration status of his complaint through the link UCC Complaint Registration Status.

Over to you

Have you used any other technique to avoid being spammed? Did it work for you? Please share with us and we would be happy to include the same in the article.

4 thoughts on “How to avoid spam Calls and SMS from real estate agents

  • September 25, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    I have create a contact as “Blocked” and I add all unwanted number in that one contact. Be it a SMS, call or wahtsapp message. Future communication from all such number are blocked for me. And the list keep growing.

  • September 25, 2015 at 6:07 pm


    We suggest you use TrueCaller similar software for this purpose. Your manual work would be automated by such apps. Plus, it would show you the a possible spammer in advance and you may choose not to attend the call all together.

  • May 31, 2016 at 12:46 pm


    My father uses the Nokia handset. Once he shared his number to a website and since then, he has been receiving numerous messages daily with the name : “MD-XXXX, DM-XXXX etc”. We are already done with our property searching months ago. Due to this, he misses important SMSes sometimes. How can we block such messages? Registering to DND wasn’t helpful.

  • May 31, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    Please verify your DND once again. DND doesn’t eliminate all message but it definitely reduces the same.

    Unfortunately, there is no sure shot solution to this problem.

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