India is too tolerant, homebuyers are a living proof

At a time when the Country is debating on tolerance for political and religious reasons, no one seems to be talking about the imprudent tolerance of homebuyers towards the developer lobby of this nation.

Come what may, the home buyer is ready to accept any crap that is thrown at him and would not even raise a voice against it. “Chalta hai” attitude of Indians has brought us to a situation where developers goofing around with homebuyers’ crores of rupees.

We all like to debate about the transgressions in the country but why does the suffering of homebuyer never become a national issue? In a country where Lacs of people are at the mercy of home developers, developers lobby continues to flourish. Real estate seems to be the best business for mafias. Is the tolerance of homebuyers the reason behind the sorry state of affairs of the real estate industry?

We don’t need to write much, the adjusting nature of homebuyers is a living proof of the level of tolerance towards the builder lobby. Here are some of the examples;

Delays running into years, yet I am fine with it.

More than 70% of the under construction homes are delayed by an average of 3 years. Half of them are delayed by 6-7 years but homebuyers don’t do anything about it. We prefer to sit in our homes and pray that one day the developer will leave his greed behind and construct the flat.

Raise a demand of 20% extra at the time of possession; No problem,  I have saved it for your misdeeds only.

The tolerance of homebuyers has grave consequences for themselves. A builder can arbitrarily raise his demand by as much as 20%-30% at the time of possession but the homebuyers don’t make any noise about and meekly agrees to this unjustifiable demand. They may feel uncomfortable while paying this extra sum but when it comes to acting against this unjust demand, they prefer to believe that they are helpless against the mighty builder and that the system is designed to be against them. After all, the homebuyers inevitably become tolerant to the loot of their own hard earned money. The homebuyers are gripped with the sense that “ghar to mila”.

Half of the facilities you promised in Brochure are missing, I don’t use them anyway?

And the tolerance doesn’t stop here. After possession when homebuyers move in to the society, they find a whole of amenities missing that we promised in the brochure at the time of booking. Some of these amenities could be the ones that have actually bend your decision to book a flat in a concerned society. A tolerant home buyer would usually react 

“Aah.., who gives that? I don’t mind if you didn’t deliver that shiny looking swimming pool, waise bhi I don’t know swimming. And the large central lawn, it’s fine, I will go to Authority park next door.”

Builder just pumped in some air and your area has expanded by 8%

The surprizes don’t stop there. A rampant practice in the real estate by the builders to fleece money out from buyers is to arbitrarily increase area by 5% to 8%. Instead of getting into the details of how this area has increased than what was promised at the time of booking, a tolerant homebuyer would often remark that he went to the builder’s office and they explained him the increase in super area, even showed him the CAD designs. Wait a minute, does a typical home buyer understands what CAD means?  Probably no, but the homebuyer would feel good that he managed to get a bigger flat (which is just a fictional increase) at the booking price, and that it will fetch him more if he sells it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way.

There are so many other examples where builders fool home buyers but we are so hopelessly tolerant that we accept it all.

The most common defense that we have seen people putting up is, what can we really do about it? We have no options but accept what is thrown to us. Well, the issue is that they have never looked beyond and explored the numerous options that one has at its disposal. People in early 2000 started accepting the crap of builders that it has become a monster now. 

The only way out is to junk this tolerance and collectively raise a voice against this monster called BUILDER LOBBY. 

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One thought on “India is too tolerant, homebuyers are a living proof

  • March 2, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    Wish Peaple/ Forums / Govt. Bodies take up these cheating tricks by Builders strongly to protect common man who invests his lifelong savings in buying a home for himself & family.

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