List of Noida projects awarded Occupancy Certificate after Okhla Bird Sanctuary notification

Noida Authority has issued the list of projects where Occupancy Certificate has been awarded after central government issued the notification on Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

This list contains all those projects who are issued Occupancy Certificate from 25.08.2015 to 10.03.2016 only. Some of the projects are issued Part occupancy while others have been awarded full occupancy.

Any project issued Occupancy Certificate before 25.08.2015 or after 10.03.2016 is not included in this.

Updated: List of projects received between 25.08.2015 to 10.05.2016 can be checked here: List of Noida Group Housing projects received occupancy certificate after 25.08.2016

This table is best viewed on a computer.

[table id=11 /]

Note: This list is compiled with the raw data released by Noida Authority. We can’t guarantee the accuracy of the data available. In case you need more information, we suggest you file an RTI with Noida Authority and get an official answer on this status of completion certificate for developers/project. Here is an easy guide to filing RTI with Noida Authority: File an RTI with NOIDA / GREATER NOIDA Authority, a step by step Guide

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