Noida defines Mobile Towers policy – No mobile towers on group housing and residential plots

Noida Authority has come out with a policy for Telecom Mobile Towers in Noida. In the new mobile towers policy, the residential housing units and Group housing societies are barred from installing any mobile towers on their premises.

The Authority has asked all mobile operators to remove all existing mobile towers from Group Housing and other residential complexes with immediate effect.

New Policy for Noida City

Telecom towers have been in the center of debate in recent years. Experts have divided opinion about the safety and health hazards from the radiation of mobile towers. Following the research reports, authorities in many  cities of India decided to move the mobile towers to non-residential areas.

Noida authority for long has been trying to shift the mobile towers away from residential properties. In the absence of a policy, their effort to forcefully shut down mobile towers failed last year. The authority have now come out with a policy for all telecom towers. He highlight the points that you should know.

Allowed Areas

Only operators/companies registered with Department of Telecommunication (DoT), Govt. of India can install the telecom mobile towers on following areas:

  • Green belts and parks.
  • Community halls or shopping centers.
  • Hospital’s rooftop
  • Commercial buildings except school and nursing homes and other public facilities.

Prohibited Areas

  • Not allowed on Group Housing societies
  • Not allowed on residential properties like row houses etc

All operations whose towers are installed in prohibited areas mention above have been asked to remove the installations. If the residential units owners don’t follow the directions, this installation will be taken down by authority.

Rules for new tower installation

  • Make an application to authority with a non-refundable fee of 100000/-
  • Greenbelt area allotted will be maximum 25 sq meters and companies will have to do construction themselves.
  • Permission will be given for only 5 years and license fee will be 25000/- per month.

Copy of policy document (Noida Telecom Mobile Tower Policy 2016) : Noida Telecom Mobile Tower Policy 2016

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