Seven reasons to avoid Ground Floor apartments in Group Housing projects

When it comes to buying an apartment in Group Housing societies, some people pay extra premium for the Ground Floor apartments. While purchasing higher or lower floor apartment is a separate issue, in this topic we are going to discuss the practical issues pertaining to ground floor apartments.

Most of the apartments are still bought by looking at the fancy brochures in pre-construction or under construction stage. Ground floor apartments  are usually advertised to be the best ones with greens all around. Most of the developers in North India charge “Preferential Location Charges” (PLC) for ground floor units which can be to the tune of rupees 300 psf.

1) Security Concerns

Safety is the foremost issue that ground floor apartments face. With growing FAR, developers are utilizing maximum possible space and in some cases there is no setback area left between your apartment and the driveway/walkway. For example, look at this picture below, your balconies lies right on the walkway. People can have easy access to your apartment through these balconies. With such high security risks, you shall have to secure your house by installing additional doors to prevent any unauthorized access. This shall be an added expenses on you.

Security issue with ground floor units
Ground Floor apartment that is too close to main entrance of building.

Ground floor apartments also witness maximum number of footfalls because of proximity to lift and lobby area.

2) Privacy Concerns

Privacy is the among the biggest concerns in Ground Floor apartments. You shall have to purchase blinds or cover the window panes/doors with permanent wallpapers to ensure your privacy is protected. Keeping blinds/curtains down during day and blocking sunlight shall result in increased power consumption. Closing the doors shall effect the natural air flow as well.

Privacy problems with ground floor units
Ground Floor apartments where blinds are mandatory 24 x 7

3) Your Balcony is useless

In this era of tiny apartments, balcony surely comes handy. Some people use it for cloth drying, storage etc, while other enjoys sipping a hot cup of tea every morning. But, can you really do something of that sort in the balcony shown above?

4) Insects and Pests Issues

Because of the close proximity to green patches and plantation, ground floor invites lot of insects/spiders/rodents etc. Although these problems are there with other lower floor apartments too but ground floor apartments invites the maximum insects. At times, the green patch that you were excited about can become big nuisance if proper pest control is not done on regular basis.

Plantation around ground floor apartments
Vegetation and Plantation invites more insects as compared to higher floors

5) Noise and Disturbance
Ground floor can be very noisy in regards to foot and vehicle traffic and being close to a side driveway means vehicle lights can often shine into rooms. Indians have a heart for honking and high beam lights. Ground floor apartments shall have maximum exposure to such kind of irritants.

6) Basement Exhaust

This is one problem that can be the most irritating if you have an exhaust attached to your apartment’s wall.

Dangerous Db level from exhaust
Dangerous Db level from exhaust

These industry standard exhaust are used to throw out air from basements and make a lot of noise. Infact the vibrations and sound can be heard on higher floors. One should ensure with the developer that these exhaust doesn’t touch with the apartment you intend to purchase. In the image above, one such exhaust touches the left side of the apartment.

We did a sound analysis of these exhaust systems and these were the results. Sound intensity says, sound is a loud as “Factory Machinery at 3 ft”.









7) Seepage Issues

Plantation need regular watering all around the year. Most of the time this result in seepage issues if proper waterproofing is not done by the developer.


Just by looking at the sales brochures or artistic impression, a home buyer shall never be able to get a clear idea of the issues ,he may face with ground floor apartments. While some developers have managed to deliver good ground floor apartments, other have failed to live upto the expectations. It is advised that home buyers either do proper research or buy ground floor apartments only when they are ready.

In our opinion, if you don’t have a very strong reason like medical condition etc, you should consider first floor apartment and avoid ground floors.

Note: Images shown are taken from random group housing projects and are not specif to any project. 

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