Step by step guide to apartment registration process in Noida

We discussed about Admin / Lawyer charges being levied upon homebuyers at the time of registration or sublease process.  Builder claims this is a fee that is charged to buyers for smooth execution of otherwise tedious registration process. Most of the Noida developers still continue to exploit home buyers by charging somewhere between 10 to 25 thousand rupees to facilitate registration of apartment. You can read more about admin charges here Admin charges in property registration process

However, it is not mandatory to avail such services and home buyers can get the apartment registration done without help of lawyers/builder. The Logical Buyer have prepared easy steps after experiencing the self registration process and feedback from fellow buyers.

The Logical Buyer have prepared a guide to purchase stamp papers for home buyers. Same can be referred at : Guide to e-Stamping in property registration

This document was prepared by Lotus Panache Welfare Association for Lotus Panache project by 3C Company. Please read 3C and representatives names as your builder wherever mentioned in the document.

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*This post has an embedded document, please allow it some time to download the presentation. Same can also be downloaded from here : Guide to self registration

It is advised that home buyer approach for property registration as group.

The Logical Buyer suggest that home buyers bookmark this link and use this as hand book when they are going for self registration process.

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