What good are Noida’s cycle tracks?

This is a well established fact that Noida Authority never misses an opportunity to stay in limelight. How could they stay behind when it’s their own boss and state Chief Minister’s pet project.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav after coming to power in 2012 had directed to build Noida into a cyclist-friendly city. Noida Authority swang into action and went to a spending spree to construct cycling track on various roads. In a hurry to appease bosses, they seems to have forgot that cycling tracks are for ‘Cycling’ and not for cows and their favorites builders to encroach upon.

While they have proudly put up an inaugurate stone, they proud Chief Minister could just inaugurate it using Skype.

In last 3 years they seems to have spend more than 30 Crores on these projects but cyclists have mostly stayed away, thanks to encroachment and poor maintenance of these tracks. . The Logical Buyer brings to you the current state of the world class Cycling Tracks. Sit back and enjoy the show:




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