Who represented Jaypee Kalypso Court buyers in NCDRC? NDTV goofs up!


Edit[13/05]: NDTV clarified and accepted mistake on their part after we reported this issue.

The recent landmark judgement of the NCDRC in Jaypee’s Kalypso Court case, which has enlightened homebuyers across the country has also triggered a controversy. We were the first to report the judgement at NCDRC delivers a game changer judgement. As the order of the commission available here Jaypee Kalypso Court – NCDRC Judgement as well as various news reports available here NCDRC orders Jaypee to pay 12%, the case was filed by a voluntary consumer association “Developers Township Property Owners’ Association (DTPOWS)” through Advocate Sahil Sethi on behalf of 10 buyers of Kalypso Court.

It is shocking that a leading news channel like NDTV has misrepresented to its viewers in its show “The Realty Debate” last evening that another advocate Mr. M.L. Lahoty has won the judgment on behalf of the buyers. Watch the pertinent videos of the show here;

Part 1:


Part 2:


The show which was aired to discuss that in light of this recent judgement, should homebuyers still wait for RERA to be implemented or should they go ahead and immediately approach the consumer forums.

The host of the show, Ms. Manisha Natrajan introduced Advocate M. L. Lahoty as the advocate “who has just won, 10 buyers of Kalypso stuck with Jaypee project a victory in the National Consume Forum”

NDTV has not even cared to find out who the Advocate in the case was. What surprises us further is that a senior advocate like Mr. M.L. Lahoty was happy to accept this undue credit and did not tender a clarification even when the host repeatedly congratulated him for having won the case for homebuyers.

Who really represented the buyers?

We contacted Mr. Arvind Jain to seek a clarification who confirmed that DTPOWS was represented by Advocate Sahil Sethi and Mr. M.L.Lahoty had no role to play. Mr. Jain said that “it is sad that journalists and lawyers have forgotten primary ethics of their profession”. “The reporter from NDTV contacted me and even took an interview of the Vice President of our association.However, neither we nor our advocate was acknowledged in the show. It is sad that unjustly credit of our hard work of years was given to someone else” claimed Mr. Jain. We are trying to reach NDTV and seek a further clarification.


As a platform working towards enlightening consumers and someone who was closely associated with this case, we feel it is our responsibility to clear the air and advise homebuyers not to rely solely on news pieces and make an informed choice while selecting your Advocate.

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