Why is Number 13 missing while numbering Towers and Floors?

Whether or not you personally give any weight to superstitions, it may pay to consider them if you are buying or selling a property. Generally speaking, young Indians are not overly superstitious, but we do live in a multicultural society.

Be it a house number, a floor number, a tower number, even sectors numbered by state housing body like HUDA and NOIDA, the practice of excluding No. 13 from any series is widely prevalent. The number is replaced with random alternatives like “12A” or “14”.

What is the problem with number 13?

The fear of the number 13 is a long-standing superstition with various origins. Number 13 in tarot and numerology are not considered auspicious. “China even proposed to ban the registration number 13 for vehicles while airlines world over do not have a seat numbered 13.

Superstition around specific numbers can play a role in how people price their homes, which homes they won’t buy and even how developers name the floors of a high-rise condo building.

Why should it matter to you?

We have people who believe in superstitions and adhere to them. It is difficult to change a mindset. In many places you will find that number 12 is followed by 12 A or 14. A large section in real estate believes that number 13 is unlucky when it comes to investment in properties, and to some extent customers have a part to play in it, as there is a degree of reluctance on their part.

It is very difficult to find buyers for flat, tower numbered as 13th. Infact, the prices of 13th floor are generally less compared to other floors in most of the society. A potential buyer might be fussy if he sees the digits upfront.

The purpose of this article is to make our readers aware that they should understand the implications of such numbers and make an informed decision. Few years down the line, you may not want to be stuck with an apartment, fetching you less premium compared to other apartments in the same complex. Until the mindset of people changes, you may want to put your hard earned money judicially by considering all factors that play a role in real estate.

The Logical Buyer’s point of view

You can’t depend on superstitions to help you get lucky in real estate. If you’re a buyer, focus on finding the right home for you, at the right time. If you’re a seller, get a good agent, show your property at its best, know your market well and price your home right. It’s these things — rather than specific numbers or burying a statue — that will bring you good luck in the end.

One thought on “Why is Number 13 missing while numbering Towers and Floors?

  • October 12, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    very nicely explained.
    That still leaves the superstition intact !!
    Sikh community believes otherwise. For the TERA is auspicious.

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