Window Air Conditioner may be useless in high rise buildings

Do you own a Window Air Conditioner or are you planning to purchase a new window AC? You may want check with your builder if they even have a provision for window Air Conditioner unit.

High rise are the norm in the metro cities now. With increasing height, the wind pressure increases on higher floors. Normal pull push doors have higher chances of being smashed by high winds.

To cope up with the problems, builders are installing slider doors in all the balconies of the newly built apartments. These sliders doors are able to tackle high wind speed problem but comes with host of other issues. In most of the apartments, there are only two compartments in sliding doors. When fully opened, one covers the other half. So, there is no option to install a Window Air Conditioner.

This new concept makes your window Air Conditioner useless. As per our research, 95% of the new builder apartments doesn’t have an option for Window AC. Home buyers should check with the developer for such provision.

Standard sliding door with no option for window Air Conditioner
Standard sliding door with no option for window Air Conditioner

There are some makeshift arrangements that some residents have done in different societies. This option is good for those who do not want to throw away their existing appliances and can cope up with makeshift arrangements. In some cases, the door have to be permanently or partially closed.

This situation is reversed in some societies where you can only install Windows AC and not Split.

The Logical Buyer suggest that if you are planning to purchase new air conditioning unit, you should consider purchasing a Split Conditioner only.

Share with us if you faced this issue and did some innovative makeshift arrangement.

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